Tips To Help You Use A Teleprompter

Have you ever given a speech with note cards before? When I was a freshman in high school, I took speech class and subsequently joined up with the media department. We provided the morning announcements and other short television programs and news packages for the school audience. While we didn’t use a teleprompter, we had to carry ourselves as news anchors. What we did back then was continue the tradition of using note cards and notes written on pieces of paper.

I bring all that up because reading from a teleprompter is a lot like giving a speech with note cards. However, you have many advantages when a teleprompter is involved. There can be disadvantages, too, like what you might have seen if you ever watched the movie ‘Bruce Almighty.’ Technology isn’t always reliable. However, if you’re going to be reading from a teleprompter, you typically do have advantages. You just need to know some tips to help you get started.

First of all, don’t try to use cards and a teleprompter at the same time. You’re going to have to keep your eye line consistent, as you move from side to side, connecting with the audience and the camera, not just the teleprompter. Obviously, you’re not just going to stand there staring at the teleprompter reading everything word for word.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t deliver the speech from the teleprompter word for word. You’ll have enough to say if you speak slowly and clearly, concentrating on the delivery as much as you are on the words you’re saying. With a teleprompter, you might as well realize that the script doesn’t have to be memorized. However, you’re going to want to know what the script says in case there are any hangups, such as hard to pronounce words.

It can help to rehearse with the script you plan to read as well. You don’t have to worry about slowing down or speeding up for the teleprompter either. Those tips should get you going as you plan to deliver a scripted speech using a teleprompter.

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