Your Guide To Different Kinds Of Microphones

There are quite a few types of microphones. Before buying one, you should know what some of them are. Read on to find out about the different types of microphones.

Ribbon microphones don’t use an induction coil, but they do use a thin ribbon of metal, which serves as the magnetic field’s sensor. There is also condenser microphones, which leverages a capacitor that transforms an acoustic signal into an electric signal. These two types of microphones are very popular.

Asides from ribbon mics and condenser mics, there are fiber optic mics and piezoelectric mics. Piezoelectric mics have crystals, and these crystals respond to the vibration of the acoustic signal that goes into the mic. Fiber optic mics are able to capture acoustic signals and transform them into electric signals by using changes in light intensity, which are produced by laser technology.

Microphone_imagesIt’s also worth pointing out that there are many types of unidirectional mics out there, but they tend to fall in a handful of categories, such as cardioid mics and bi-directional microphones. Other types of unidirectional mics include shotgun mics. Shotgun mics are typically used to capture a tiny small sound range in a space that is tight or concentrated, so if you want to capture sound in a small space, then this is probably the type of mic you would want to use, and it’s worth pointing out that a shotgun mic is highly directional.

Now you know about a few of the different types of microphones. Keep in mind that there are many brands and companies that make and sell microphones and not all mics are created equal. What you want to do is compare as many microphones as you can and read reviews about them and then choose the one you think will work the best and meet your needs the best.

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