Lights. Camera. Green Screen!

We recently completely one of our biggest video shoots to date. It was a large green-shoot shoot that required a number of different moving parts. So, we thought we’d share a couple tips and ideas that can help with your next project.

Wanna see how it works?

Okay so let’s hit the basics here.

Do your research. You can ask friends or family members who have great knowledge of shooting videos. Ask them if they can show you some tips. Maybe you could practice shooting with them. With their tips, you could likely increase your skill. Another option is to watch videos on the topic. Go to your favorite search engine and search for videos.

There many helpful ones that you can watch to show you tutorials on shooting green screen videos. Watch the videos you find interesting and helpful. You may even find it helpful to watch them more than once and then practice filming while watching the tutorial as a reference.

Finding the right space. 

When shooting on a green-screen you really want to make sure you have control over as many possible variables. So, it’s best, if you have the budget, to find a studio where you can shoot your project. A studio that is large is great because you have the space to move around and also to capture exactly what you need. For our latest project we used a studio that was owned by a san francisco production company, we rented out the space but were lucky enough to be able to you their equipment. Check out their studio here.


One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned from our many green-screen shoots is that everything takes a little bit longer than expected. So, leave yourself lots of time to setup and tweak your shots. You greenscreen shots need to be perfect otherwise you’ll get back to post and wonder why you even bothered!

Use the tips that have been shared her to help lead you in the right direction. You can be successful with shooting the videos that you want with the information you gain by asking, watching, and taking classes. You can create anything you desire.

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